Pubcon Vegas 2017 Live Blog - Reputation Management with Matt Craine & Tony Wright

On Day 3 of Pubcon Vegas 2017 I sat in on a session on Reputation Management with Matt Craine and Tony Wright presenting. Here are the notes I took during the presentations.

Reputation Management for CEOs & Their Businesses (AKA: Your LinkIn profile probably STILL sucks) - Matt Craine

  • Your brand is not what YOU think it is - it's what THEY think it is
    • It's not about ownership
    • What is their impression of you and your brand?
    • It's about your presale relationship with your customer
  • Everyone is a stalker
    • When you meet someone in a business context, people are searching for you and your brand
    • You (CEO or business owner) now represent the company's brand
  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and up-to-date
  • Change your LinkedIn visibility settings so those who are not logged in can see you
  • Make sure to claim your business' LinkedIn profile
    • Keep it updated
    • Use current images
  • Only 6 out of 10 customers visit a local company's website when researching for a purchase
  • Audit yours and your company's public online profiles
    • LinkedIn update - business and key employees
    • Update team pages
      • Updated pictures
      • Updated info
      • Human-type info
      • People buy from other people, not companies
  • Register your own domain name for your name
    • Put up a quick website
    • Link to your LinkedIn profile
    • Gives you a place to tell your story
  • Optimize for local search - even if you're not totally local
    • Can help disambiguate same-named businesses in other areas
    • Helps to keep your listings cleaner
    • Claim and optimize all local directories
  • Monitor your website analytics
    • Look for irregularities
    • Helps to identify issues that affect your reputation
  • Check your website. Are you meeting your customers expectations? Are you meeting your customers expectations on mobile? Bad user experience affects your reputation

Reputation Management is dead! Long Live Reputation Management - Tony Wright

  • There are a lot of bad players in the reputation management space. Some even create a "crisis" and solicit work
  • There are no quick fixes to reputation management
    • It's not on one platform
    • The best way is to create a better reputation
  • The first step is to monitor your online reputation
  • The second step: tell your story ... NOW!
  • Next, build relationships with influencers in your space
  • Also build a social media policy for employees
  • The new ORM
    • Always tell your story and make sure it shows up
    • Make your side of the story palatable to your target audience (if you don't know, you may not want to take a controversial stand)
    • You're not going to replace all negative stuff in the SERPs - and you don't really need to replace it all
    • Respond to minor issues in the forum on which the review or comment was left
    • Respond to "crisis level" issues in an official forum, like a press release or on your website
  • When you mess up - and you will mess up
    • Don't believe your lawyer - lawsuits may be less costly than the monetary cost of your reputation issue
    • Don't admit guilt until you know the whole story
    • News cycles are quick, what happened may be forgotten very within a week or two
    • Be transparent - but remember there are always 2 sides to the story
    • Start impact analysis early
      • How is this affecting your bottom line?
      • Can the brand survive the crisis?
      • Larger brands can weather crisis, smaller brands can be hurt and be killed
      • B2B brands can be severely hurt
    • Monitor, monitor, monitor
    • Consult an attorney, but don't let the lawsuit alone dictate your plan
    • Avoid making the crisis more visible

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