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Pubcon Austin 2018 Wrapup - Schema Was The Theme for the Day

On February 21, 2018 I, once again, had the honor to do a presentation at a Pubcon event. In this case, it was the 1-day local event in Austin, TX. It was great to meet up with other experts in the digital marketing community, swap stories and ideas and learn from some of the best in the business.

Of all the great presentations I sat in on, one central theme seemed to surface throughout the day: Website owners need to get going on Structured Data tagging. As I said in my presentation, "You need to make your new, favorite website.

The first mention of structured data tagging was from Google's Gary Illyes during his kickoff keynote. He said several things regarding Schema, but the most important thing was that "Schema is here to stay," and he strongly encouraged website owners to start leveraging that. He even mentioned that some types of content, such as job listings and recipes, wouldn't even rank if it wasn't marked up with Schema.

Here's a r…