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Elmer's Next Speaking Event - Pubcon Pro 2018

Here's a discount code you can use to get 20% off your registration if you sign up before October 1, 2018: rc-7784420. 

I am very happy to announce that I have been invited to present at Pubcon Pro Las Vegas, which will be happening October 16-18, 2018 in ... where else ... fabulous Las Vegas.

I will be presenting in 2 sessions:

International SEO Strategy - on the panel with me will be Michael BonfilsSchema and Featured Snippets - with co-presenter Casey Markee I will also be moderating 2 other sessions: Sustainable SEO with panelists Jake Bohall, Duane Forrester and Stephanie WallaceScaling SEO to Large Sites with panelists Stephan Spencer and Chris Boggs All 4 of these panels are going to be excellent - and well worth attending just on their own.
I have also, once again, been selected as a judge for the US Search Awards which will be presented in a special event on Wednesday evening of Pubcon week. This is the third time I've been part of the judging panel. It is not o…