US Search Awards Judging Panel

I'm very happy to announce that I will, once again, be a judge for the US Search Awards. This is my 3rd year on the panel and it is quite an honor to be selected to be on the panel. The US Search Awards will be presented in Las Vegas on October 9, 2019 during the week of Pubcon.

Have you considered entering? Do you have some amazing work in the area of SEO, PPC and content marketing? If you do, consider entering. Get details here: .

One of the great parts of being a judge is seeing the excellent work others are doing in our industry. Some of the work is quite impressive, indeed. In order to win, your project really needs to be the best of the best.

Here's a hint: The best entries are the ones that give the most details. Don't be shy and don't skimp on the numbers. If you can't share because of client confidentiality agreements, then you might not want to waste your time. But, if your clients are on board - share the great work you did on their behalf!

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