Pubcon Vegas 2017 Live Blog - Reputation Management with Matt Craine & Tony Wright

On Day 3 of Pubcon Vegas 2017 I sat in on a session on Reputation Management with Matt Craine and Tony Wright presenting. Here are the notes I took during the presentations.

Reputation Management for CEOs & Their Businesses (AKA: Your LinkIn profile probably STILL sucks) - Matt Craine

Your brand is not what YOU think it is - it's what THEY think it isIt's not about ownershipWhat is their impression of you and your brand?It's about your presale relationship with your customerEveryone is a stalkerWhen you meet someone in a business context, people are searching for you and your brandYou (CEO or business owner) now represent the company's brandMake sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and up-to-dateChange your LinkedIn visibility settings so those who are not logged in can see youMake sure to claim your business' LinkedIn profileKeep it updatedUse current imagesOnly 6 out of 10 customers visit a local company's website when researching for a purchaseAudit your…

Pubcon Vegas 2017 - Live Blog - Site Search

This was a session about on-site search. The session was aimed more to enterprise clients, rather than WordPress optimization. Here are some notes I took during the presentations:

Dave Lloyd from Adobe

Unsuccessful experiences hurt your business - and this can affect your bottom lineOn-site search is a great way to keep your customers happy4 steps to make on-site search better:Start with creating a search box on your siteEncourage visitors to searchAmazon puts their search at the top of the page, makes it easier for customers to find and use itLook for how users are trying to search and solve for their troublesAssist visitors using linguistics or predictive searchAgain, make it easier for them to searchLook for terms that will make it easy for first-time visitors to your siteUse paid, organic and other search query data to educate youLook at synonyms and missspellingsUse auto-complete as a great tool - and don't "set and forget" - update regularlyFilter results with refine…

Pubcon Vegas 2017 Live Blog - SEO Audits with Alan Bleiweiss and Bill Hartzer

Here are some notes I took during the SEO Audits session with Alan Bleiweiss and Bill Hartzer.

Bill Hartzer: SEO Audits from An Agency Perspective

Four basic steps to the audit
Before You Begin - information neededAccess to the website and log file dataGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Search ConsoleBing Webmaster ToolsHistory - What SEO has been done in the pastList of Domains owned and controledList of CompetitorsAnything else (catchall)Gather DataReview content on the site and how the site is rankingLook at the data from analytics and website consoles (GSC/BWT)Save the data in places that make it easy to retrieve, crunch and reviewLook for subdomainsUse Screaming Frog, and don't forget to adjust the memory settings if the site is larger than 100K pagesWebsite log files can show you error issues that you can't see anywhere elseDon't forget to look at off page items like inbound links and suchUse to find issues with site download time issuesAnalyzeLook for obvious prob…

Talk at Southwestern Michigan College - Modern Marketing Careers

Early in October I had the privilege to give a presentation to students at Southwestern Michigan College in Dowagiac, MI about careers in digital marketing. This opportunity came from a conversation I had with my friend, Scott, who is Dean of Arts and Sciences at the school. He asked me "What is is exactly that you do?" As I described my job to him, he told me that I needed to come to talk to the students about it. Of course, I readily agreed.

One of students did a very nice writeup of the talk, which you can check out on their website.

Judging the US Search Awards

As part of this year's Pubcon experience, I was invited to judge the US Search Awards. This was my first time acting as a judge in this type of event, and I found it quite interesting and educational.

The main thing I learned from this experience: There are a lot of great people and teams doing some amazing work. It was very interesting to get outside my work bubble and see some of the work others are doing. Some of it is quite excellent.

Of course, I can't tell you about all the details, but you can see the short lists on the US Search Awards website. I attended the event a couple years ago when Rockfish was up for an award and can say that the organizers put together an excellent evening.

The US Search Awards will be held on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 starting at 6:30pm at the TI. If you're interested in going, there are still tickets available.